Products Nolco Flex

Description: S1030B-Z, Sutaible for domestic and export shipment
Order width: width of drum between flanges, less 10mm
Thickness: 10mm
Widths: From 100mm to 2400mm

Nolco Flex

Nolco-Flex is a protective cover made for all items that are round. Nolco-Flex has proved to be an excellent protective cover against damage caused by pressure, collision and other physical influences, whether applied to cable drums, sensitive coils, rollers, tubes or even organ pipes.

NoIco-Flex comes fan-folded on pallets in a continuous standard length of 120 running meters.That makes handling very easy during transport. stocking and packing operation.

  • Non-wood and need no Sirex-treatment
  • Comply with the EU Packaging Directive no. 94/62
  • Comply with the ISPM no. 15 standard

Nolco Pack

Nolco-Pack has been developed by Nordic Woodfibre in a close cooperation with the aluminium industry to provide an efficient alternative to the traditional wooden top boards.

Nolco-Pack is made from porous woodfibre, which has been specially impregnated and coated with nylon reinforced paper. When Nolco-Pack is placed on top of the coil the corners can be bent exactly at the edge of the coil before securing with strapping or film. This method offers a number of advantages in handling and cost efficiency.

  • Non-wood and need no Sitrex-treatment
  • Comply with EU Packaging Directive no 94/62

Nolco Innovation


  • Light and easy to handle
  • Less usage of material due to its flexibility
  • Can be reused
  • Less space due to fan-folded palletised units
  • Easy application with simple tools
  • Outstanding shock absorbing abilities
  • Is able to deform and regain it's original form
  • Withstands impact from a wide variety of causes
  • Homogeneous construction - mechanical strength
  • Protects against climate and UV radiation
  • Environmentally friendly: made of recycled wood
  • Non hazardous product to work with
  • Easy to dispose of